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Chicago Cubs Rumors: Team To Relocate Move To Rosemont?

Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sport

Of all the ideas that have been suggested during the Wrigley Field renovation chaos, this just might be the craziest: the city of Rosemont, IL has offered the Chicago Cubs 25-acres of land for a new ballpark, according to CSN Chicago.

The thought of moving the Cubs to a venue other than Wrigley Field is unfathomable, but tensions have risen with the upcoming renovation on the 99-year-old ballpark with the neighborhood of Wrigleyville. Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts is fighting for more advertisements in Wrigley Field and to allow more night games, both to help pay for the $500 million project, according to the Daily Herald.

While it’s hard to imagine the Cubs playing a home game in a stadium that’s not covered with bricks and ivy, there would be a few positive aspects to the move. The team would no longer have to pay Chicago’s 12 percent amusement tax.

But with the good comes the bad: the money the Cubs would save would most likely be spent on adding luxury boxes, restaurants and bars to the new stadium, according to CSN Chicago. It sounds nice, but those sophisticated additions go against the classic values of baseball that the Cubs stand for.

Although the offer by Rosemont took many by surprise, the Daily Herald reports that the Ricketts family has no interest in moving the Cubs outside of the city of Chicago.

“[The Ricketts family] appreciates the expressions of interest from Rosemont and others; however, the current focus is to work toward an agreement with the city of Chicago,” a spokesperson for the Ricketts family told the Daily Herald.

While the Ricketts family and Wrigleyville are currently butting heads about the renovation, there is no need to worry about the Cubs relocating outside of historic Wrigley Field. The repercussions of taking this beloved baseball team out of their home field would do irreparable damage to one of America’s most beloved sports teams.