Does Chicago White Sox Pitcher Zach Stewart Have Major League Stuff?

By David Miller
zach stewart white sox
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Young pitcher Zach Stewart has bounced around from team to team for a couple of years at the major league level. One thing that has been consistent has been his inability to get outs. His ERA stays high as does his WHIP and all other numbers. The Chicago White Sox recently claimed Stewart off of waivers from the Pittsburgh Pirates who they traded him to less than a year ago. Since he was designated for assignment by the Pirates for fairly obvious reasons, why would the White Sox claim him once again?

Stewart had a decent time of it in the minor leagues. His numbers actually looked great in A-ball and pretty good in Double-A. Triple-A started to see the ERA fly up towards four and the WHIP maxed at around 1.3 and change. When he jumped from there to the majors however, the wheels fell off. What exactly the trouble is, I don’t know. What I do know is that Stewart has not shown that he can get outs consistently at the MLB level.

Maybe his control is a problem. There are times when he has pitched scoreless relief for a while. Perhaps he needs to find a relief role that he likes and stick to only a couple of strong pitches. That works for a lot of guys. Whatever Stewart and the White Sox have in mind for his success, it had better be good. Otherwise Stewart will find himself designated once again to an all too familiar place. It is possible that he just doesn’t have what it takes right now to make it in the major leagues. Maybe he should go down and concentrate on becoming dominant with two pitches and being a specialist type of reliever. If I were the Sox, that would be my best and last offer to Stewart.

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