New York Mets should be upset with David Wright

By Colin Greten
Brad Barr-USATODAY Sports

David Wright was scratched from Team USA’s World Baseball Classic matchup with the Dominican Republic when the New York Mets found out he was nursing a sore ribcage. The team then shut their star third basemen down for the rest of the tournament. Team USA lost its remaining two games without Wright, who was carrying the team with his hitting. Now Wright has returned to the team’s spring training facilities with his Opening Day status in question.

Wright’s ribcage was reportedly bothering him for the majority of the World Baseball Classic, something the Mets were unaware of until the day of the Dominican Republic game. Wright claimed that he was simply sore until he got warmed up and that the injury did not affect his play, which makes sense considering his heroic efforts for Team USA earned him the nickname “Captain America.” However, the team has every right to be angry with their best player’s actions. The World Baseball Classic is a meaningless tournament, and Wright hiding an injury (no matter how small) that could put regular season games in jeopardy is ridiculous.

There have been talks of Wright becoming the Mets new captain this spring, but his choice to put himself over his team is shocking and uncharacteristic. Wright has always been a player to admire on and off the field, and his willingness to play injured to help his team win is not surprising, but it was simply for the wrong team. Team USA is not the team that signed him to an eight-year/$138 million deal this offseason. Wright is a player who continually does the right thing (no pun intended) and the team has already publicly forgiven him. However, the Mets have to be at least a little angry with their superstar for this, even if they won’t admit it.

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