Arizona Diamondbacks Trade: Josh McDonald Sent to Pirates for Nothing

By David Miller
john mcdonald diamondbacks
Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Have you heard of the famous “Player to be known Later” trades? Josh McDonald, an infielder formerly of the Arizona Diamondbacks, has become involved in one of these trades. The Diamondbacks decided to trade the veteran infielder to the Pittsburgh Pirates for basically nothing. Officially he has been traded for a player to be known later or cash considerations.

Basically, the Diamondbacks have a lot of infielders and the Pirates don’t have as many as they want. The Diamondbacks then held out McDonald to the Pirates and said, “Here, take him. Nah, don’t worry about it. We’ll work something out later.” How would you like to be involved in a trade like that? I’m not sure I would like it very much at all.

McDonald could really take it one of two ways. He could be offended that he was expendable and go to the Pirates wanting to prove to the Diamondbacks that he has plenty left in the tank. Also, he could accept what happened as inevitable, embrace the fact that the Pirates want him and make the most of the situation as it currently stands.

Chances are, since he is a veteran, McDonald will take it in stride. He has been traded several times before. The Diamondbacks eventually will get something for McDonald, probably based on how he performs. In that light, it’s kind of a win-win for them. They have plenty of younger infielders that are at least more reliable with the bat. They didn’t need McDonald and this way they could feel good about helping send him to someone who does.

McDonald is a good defensive utility infielder. He will do whatever the Pirates ask of him as good as he can. For the Pirates and where they stand, that is probably a great guy to add to the bench and infield mix. The Diamondbacks can move on with their infield still overloaded. They will wind up with a platoon at least one position probably. Now at least they have one less guy to find a place for.

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