Baltimore Orioles’ Jonathan Schoop Showcased Talent in WBC

By David Miller
jonanthan schoop orioles
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The number four prospect in the Baltimore Orioles organization is infielder Jonathan Schoop. What’s in a number, right? Just because he is fourth for them doesn’t necessarily mean he is a great prospect. While that could be true, Schoop’s play during the World Baseball Classic for the Kingdom of the Netherlands proves what he can do.

The World Baseball Classic certainly has faults. I hate the placement of it and the chance the players take at being injured. I don’t like the way they have to tire themselves out so early and wind up missing most of their teams spring training camp. There are good things though. For a player like Schoop, the Orioles saw way more of what he can do in the WBC than they could have seen in spring training. Where he would have shared time in camp, he played pressure games daily in the WBC.

The result is something that the Orioles are going to have to discuss. There is no way I see Schoop going any lower than Triple-A at this point. It could be argued that he has shown the talent level to play in the major leagues right now. I think at the end of the discussions within the team, Showalter and company will end up sending Schoop down to Triple-A for one season. He’ll be ready soon though. If someone get’s injured or there is another opening somehow, Schoop won’t be long in filling that role.

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