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Boston Red Sox Pitcher Drake Britton Could Serve Jail Time

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Boston Red Sox pitcher Drake Britton will be in court on April 12 facing some misdemeanor charges. Earlier this month Britton was allegedly driving under the influence, and has been charged with reckless driving and DUI with property damage Estero, Florida while he was with the team for Spring Training.

Back on March 2nd, Britton was arrested in Estero, close to Fort Myers. According to police Drake was driving 111 mph in a 45 mph zone. While the police officers were chasing him, Britton was going in and out of lanes and went over a curb and knocked over a fence. After that police reports say Britton was driving a bit on a dirt road hoping to escape the police.

From this incident Britton could serve one year in jail according to the laws in Florida for his charges of a DUI and causing property damage. He could have to pay a fine of $1,000 as well, in addition to the cost speeding ticket at $1,101.

To add insult to injury, Britton was supposed to pitch the day after he was arrested. The Red Sox still have Britton on the minor league roster according to Boston general manager Ben Cherington. Even though Britton is still with the organization April 12th will decide his fate in regards to being on the team and more importantly if he will have to go to jail.

For Boston this is almost a bad form of deja vu. Around the same time last year Red Sox pitcher Bobby Jenks was arrested on DUI charges. This is a trend that Boston does not want to see reoccurring.