Chicago Cubs need Greg Maddux as the Pitching Coach

By Reid Lester
Chicago Cubs need Greg Maddux as the Pitching Coach!
Jake Roth – USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Cubs biggest issue has been pitching and it will be for the foreseeable future.  We have a pitching staff that by anyone’s prediction would be lucky to go .500 in 2013.  Cubs fans revere Greg Maddux because of his excellent record as a Cub, his ability to execute both defensively and offensively and also his baseball knowledge.

Maddux is serving as a Special Assistant on the Texas Rangers coaching staff.  Greg’s brother Mike Maddux is the Ranger’s pitching coach.  I think Greg brings the same skill level as Mike even though Mike has been coaching a lot longer.  Greg has on the field experience that can’t be matched.

If Greg is looking for a job as a pitching coach or someday a Manager, he will need to move away from the Rangers.  The Cubs are, as always, in need of a quality pitching coach.  Chris Bosio is beginning his stint as the Cub’s pitching coach.  I have hope that Bosio will do a good job, but the Cubs would be lucky to snag Maddux if they wanted to.  Maddux has ties to the organization and Cubs fans would finally feel like the team is trying to move in the right direction.

The Cubs front office is probably going to put a sub-par team on the field in 2013, and after snubbing Ryne Sandberg for the manager job, Cubs fans are beginning to feel like the front office doesn’t want to win.  If the Cubs continue to lose and the fans feel slighted it could quickly become an ugly situation on the North Side of Chicago.

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