Detroit Tigers Turned Down “Aggressive” Offer for Rick Porcello

By Eric Carlisle
Derick Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Porcello is a hot name right now in trade talks, given the ridiculous depth of the Detroit Tigers’ starting rotation. With Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer at the top, they have the advantage of having an extra starter in Porcello that could be dealt for the right price.

By no means are the Tigers looking to get rid of Porcello, since he has a great chance to starting the season off in the rotation. Drew Smyly has gave Porcello a great run this spring and will start the year off in the bullpen or even in the minor leagues if Porcello gets the nod for the fifth spot — unless a trade is pulled off of course.

It’s been reported that Detroit has been fielding a lot of calls from teams that are interested in Porcello, but has heard nothing worthy much attention. The Texas Rangers have been rumored to be interested and now the San Diego Padres might be in the mix.

No details were released regarding the trade other than the Tigers declined what’s being called an “aggressive” offer for the 24-year-old coming from the Padres. Detroit has made it clear that they are not actively shopping Porcello in any trades, but that he wasn’t off the table. He’s showed some great improvement this spring and will come at a high cost.

Along with the Padres and Rangers, the Boston Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles have scouted him but are not actively pursuing him.

It’s unclear if he will be traded, and with every day that passes it becomes less and less likely. I would be willing to bet that Porcello will start the year with the Tigers and possibly be worked in a trade once a pitcher goes down with an injury.

With Smyly as a backup plan, the Tigers have the ability to keep Porcello and wait for the perfect trade to come through and get the maximum value for the young pitcher. With the closer position being up for grabs in Detroit, they could make a deal for an established closer.

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