Domonic Brown May Have the Best Season of Any Philadelphia Phillies Player

By Brendan Harmening
Eric Hartline – USATODAY Sports

Domonic Brown has been great this spring, and based on his great spring he may end up having the best season of any Philadelphia Phillies offensive player this season.

Entering spring training there was a competition for two outfield spots among Domonic Brown, Darin Ruf, John Mayberry, Laynce Nix and Ender Inciarte. Since then Domonic Brown has put on an impressive display at the plate, batting .400, with 6 home runs, which is most in the league this spring.

Domonic has always had the skill set to become a solid Major League player, and it looks like those tools may be ready to manifest in the major leagues. He has 20 home run, 20 steal potential, and has shown this spring (and during his time in the minors) that he hits for average.

Dominic has impressed so thoroughly this spring that some hope he will be the most impressive Phillie at the plate this season. Given that Chase Utley’s knees won’t let him be the dominant hitter he was a few years ago and the book on how to pitch to Ryan Howard is more popular than Harry Potter, the idea isn’t that outrageous.

What’s held Brown back the last few years is how small he has come up in the regular season, but this year feels different, he looks relaxed, and he’s hitting everything that comes near him. Brown is one of the cogs in the Phillies machine that has to step up for the team to succeed, and so far this spring he has done that.

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