John Danks Comeback Derailed as Chicago White Sox to Send Pitcher to DL

By Michael Collins
Jake Roth – USA Today Sports

Is there something in the water over in the Cactus League locker rooms? Yet another Chicago pitcher is down and out with an injury, only this time it’s not the Chicago Cubs who are suffering, but rather their cross-town rivals, the Chicago White Sox.

Starting pitcher John Danks, who missed most of the 2012 season with a shoulder injury, has had his comeback placed on hold for the time being, as the White Sox have announced that he will be placed on the disabled list and most likely will not be on the opening day roster.

Losing Danks isn’t a huge blow to the White Sox, but then again, in today’s market anytime you lose a starting pitcher it can have tremendous ripple effects throughout the entire organization. Danks was most likely going to be the fifth starter in the White Sox rotation, so his starts would have been a little less than regular, but having to move Dylan Axelrod into that spot still means other pitchers will have to alter their preparations and schedules.

Danks’ velocity and control have both been down this Spring, as he gave up 10 runs in 3 1/3 innings on Tuesday against the Cincinnati Reds. He’s allowed 21 runs in 10 innings so far this spring, and his fastball–usually clocked around 92 mph–has been maxing out around 87 mph. Some of the Sox batting practice pitchers throw harder than that.

White Sox manager Robin Ventura commented, saying “At this point, I don’t see him making the Opening Day roster. He is going to pitch in some minor league games to try and get his velocity back and see how it goes. The best thing for John is to pitch in some minor league games, get strong and probably start on the DL.”


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