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MLB Arizona Diamondbacks

Arizona Diamondbacks Send Tyler Skaggs Back To Reno

Chris Morrison-USA Today Sports

The Arizona Diamondbacks made a decision that will have  a significant impact on who will earn a chance to be the 5th starter for the team. They decided to send top prospect Tyler Skaggs to Reno. This means that the battle for the spot is now down to just two pitchers. Those two pitchers are Patrick Corbin and Randall Delgado.

Delgado has pitched very well in recent outings for the Diamondbacks in spring training. Corbin has pitched outstanding in all but one of his appearances this spring. Skaggs never really had a good start this spring, and this hurt his chances of winning the competition among the three pitches vying for the 5th spot in the rotation.

The one specific area that Skaggs will have to work on as the regular season begins in Reno is having command and control of his pitches. He threw nine innings this spring, but he had eight walks to go with only five strikeouts. He also gave up 14 hits and 11 earned runs. Skaggs looked to be putting too much pressure on himself while he was pitching this spring. He will work on the issues he had in spring training when he gets to Reno and be ready if an opportunity presents itself during the season to pitch for the Diamondbacks.

The competition is now down to two pitchers to earn the spot. Corbin was the frontrunner for the majority of spring training, but Delgado has pitched better in his recent outings. The way that Delgado has pitched, he has closed the gap between the two pitchers. The last two weeks will be very interesting to see which one of the pitchers comes out on top.

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