Chicago Cubs Play For Good Cause Rather Than A Win

By Stephanie Lynn
Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday’s Spring Training matchup between the Chicago Cubs and the Los Angeles Dodgers wasn’t about winning. It was about remembering a little girl who lost her life far too soon due to gun violence.

The Cubs and Dodgers faced off against each other in Tucson, Ariz. in an annual game to support the Christina-Taylor Green Memorial Foundation. Taylor Green was the youngest victim of the horrific 2011 Tucson shooting that killed six people and severely injured congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. This tragedy holds a special place in the heart of the Dodgers’ organization as Green was the daughter of Dodger’s scout John Green, according to the Chicago Tribune.

This is the third time the Dodgers have held a benefit game for the organization and the Cubs first time playing for the cause.

John Green was excited to have the Cubs be a part of the game, telling, “This game brings everything full circle for me since I played in the Cubs organization and my Dad (Dallas) was their General Manager.”

I suppose that I should add that the Dodgers beat the Cubs 5-4. Starlin Castro blasted two home runs for the Cubs. Stephen Fife earned the win for the Dodgers while Scott Feldman took the loss for the Cubs. Typically this information would be crucial, but not today. In the scheme of things, none of this matters when you compare it to the foundation the two teams were playing for.

Today was a day for the Cubs to set aside their misery of Spring Training and play in memory of a local young girl who was taken from this world far too soon. Issues that were once critical to the team, like their list of injured players, were temporarily forgotten while they played for a reason other than winning.

It doesn’t matter who won and who lost; what matters is both teams put the game of baseball on hold for a day and chose to honor a brave little girl.

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