Los Angeles Dodgers: Will Matt Kemp Win MVP this Year?

By Rodney Coe
Los Angeles Dodgers Matt Kemp
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Dodgers have three All-Stars in their outfield: Carl Crawford in left, Andre Ethier in right, and Matt Kemp in center. They potentially have the best outfield in Major League Baseball. The corners are real good, but the man in the middle gives the Dodgers the best center fielder in the game today.

Kemp only had one error in 2012. He had a .995 fielding percentage last year. If you just examine his fielding, he has only made 25 errors in seven years. Considering he has played in 868 games, 7,317 innings, had 1,846 defensive chances, and 1,766 putouts, the error total is minuscule.

But don’t just look at his fielding. As good as that is, you have to see his bat is MVP-worthy. In 2011, he finished second in MVP balloting to the questionable Ryan Braun. Braun scored 109 runs, Kemp scored 115; Braun had 33 HR, Kemp had 39; Braun had 111 RBI, Kemp had 126. Braun scored 8 points higher in batting average, but didn’t win a Gold-Glove — Kemp did.

Kemp should have won MVP in 2011, but that’s in the past. Last year, his two-term stop on the disabled list for his left hamstring hampered his productivity. He missed a third of the season, but Kemp has proven his dependability by only missing eleven games from 2008-2011. He is healthy and ready to be back as an All-Star and MVP candidate.

Kemp is the key to the Dodger’s outfield in 2013. With him playing all year, he’ll not only be in the MVP voting, but he could lead the team to the World Series. Dodger fans already believe Kemp is their MVP, and he will win it for them this season.

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