Texas Rangers Should Make Real Offer For Rick Porcello

Rick Porcello

Derick Hingle – USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers are in dire need of a starting pitcher, and Rick Porcello could be that guy. The Detroit Tigers have been known to be shopping Porcello this entire off-season, and the Rangers could make a viable offer for him.

The Tigers have some needs that the Rangers could fill such as a shortstop or young catcher.

Can we just face the fact that Jhonny Peralta is no longer a legitimate shortstop? But he led the league in fielding percentage for shortstops last year, some of you may claim. I am here to tell you that fielding percentage is a worthless stat.

Errors are terrible for analyzing a player. Peralta made all the plays on the balls he got to, but when you only get to the balls that are hit straight at you, it isn’t that difficult. Brendan Ryan made nine errors last season, yet he is very widely considered to be the best defensive shortstop in the majors.

Peralta is no longer a real shortstop.

The Tigers have another need to be filled — backup catcher. Alex Avila is very good behind the plate, but he can’t play every day.

With needs at shortstop and backup catcher, the Rangers have a couple guys who can fill those positions. The Rangers are stacked with young shortstops. I wouldn’t say they should trade Elvis Andrus or Jurickson Profar right now, but maybe their third young shortstop, Luis Sardinas.

He is a very talented 19-year old who is most likely going to be held up in the Rangers organization. Sardinas would be a great option for a team like the Tigers.

Now moving to the need at backup catcher. The Rangers have another 19-year old named Jorge Alfaro. Yes, he is young, but he can get major league time as the backup, and he won’t be playing very much behind a guy who caught 116 games last season.

Sardinas and Alfaro could be two great young additions to the Tigers and the trade for Porcello would give the Rangers a very-needed rotation arm. A deal involving those three and maybe a throw in or two could work out great for both teams.

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