Adam Eaton Best Lead off Hitter For Arizona Diamondbacks

By chris lacey
Jake Roth-USA Today Sports

The Arizona Diamondbacks have one of the top outfield prospects in MLB, and that player is Adam Eaton. Eaton is not your typical top prospect where he was drafted in the 1st round, went to a school that has a high caliber baseball program, or was blessed with five tools that would cause a general manager to name him the face of a franchise upon drafting him. Eaton went to Miami of Ohio University, and he was not drafted until the 19th round of the 2010 amateur draft. Since Eaton was drafted this late, he had to work harder than everyone else to achieve his goal of making it to big leagues. Another factor going against Eaton is that he is small in stature.

The hard work that Eaton had been doing finally paid off last season for him when he was named the MVP and Rookie of The Year for the Pacific Coast League. Eaton then received a call-up to the Diamondbacks last season and impressed the club so much that they were willing to trade a very good defensive center fielder in Chris Young to allow Eaton a chance to earn a spot with the team this spring.

The Diamondbacks will have the best lead off hitter this season in baseball. Eaton has shown throughout his minor league career and his short stint with the team last season that he knows how to get on base at a high rate, as indicated by his .381/.456/.995 triple-slash in over 560 at-bats last season in Reno. He plays terrific defense in center field and has an accurate arm to complement his skill set as a premier player.

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