Jeff Samardzija Is A Jack Of All Trades For Chicago Cubs

By Stephanie Lynn


Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Is there anything Jeff Samardzija can’t do?

The Chicago Cubs’ starting pitcher not only played baseball in college, but football as well. He has worked his way up through the Cubs system as a relief pitcher to the new ace of the starting rotation. But most recently, he helped his team and himself on Thursday with a successful night on the mound and at the plate as the Cubs defeated the Seattle Mariners, 7-4.

The right-hander shut down the Mariners with six innings of solid pitching and also had two RBI. Samardzija hit his second home run of Spring Training, as well as an RBI single in the seventh inning, proving to other teams that this guy is not only a threat on the mound, but at the plate as well.

Although Samardzija gave up four runs to the Mariners, he only allowed nine hits and had seven strikeouts in what was predicted to be his second to last start before he takes the mound in Pittsburgh on Opening Day.

After a successful spring, other teams should be somewhat fearful of Samardzija. No, the Cubs don’t come across as a team that’s difficult to beat, but with “Shark” on the mound, the opponents might want to think twice. Samardzija is no longer the kid from the bullpen, called upon every now and then for an inning of relief pitching; he is now the man at the top of the Cubs pitching rotation, setting his team up for success with his work on the mound.

It’s a good thing Samardzija chose baseball over football because he seems to be doing just fine with his career choice.


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