Los Angeles Dodgers’ Ace Clayton Kershaw is One in a Million

By Rodney Coe
Los Angeles Dodgers Clayton Kershaw
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Making it to play Major League Baseball is a one in a million shot. Many have dreamed of it, but very few young men really figure out what they want to do in life in high school. The Los Angeles Dodgers are glad their Ace Clayton Kershaw had the dream and then pursued it with all his heart. This young superstar pitcher is one in a million.

That’s how you have to describe a player like Kershaw, one in a million. That is because he has a heart full of passion to pursue not only his dreams, but help others find theirs. In his book, Arise, he and his wife, Ellen, describe their passion for Zambia. Their dream to see youth give away their lives in service for others is an inspiration.

Kershaw had this dream in high school. At 14, he told his teacher and all the rest of the students he wanted to play professional baseball. A little laughter broke out, but the teacher did something extraordinary. He told Kershaw that statistically he had a one in a million chance, but to see himself being the one. To really believe that he could be the one who would make it.

The Dodgers are glad he did, and maybe they need to track down that teacher. Kershaw won the Cy Young in 2011 at 23. He became an All-Star, with an ERA of 2.28, a record of 21-5, a Gold Glove, and 248 SO. In 2012, he was an All-Star again and came in second for the Cy Young. He has all the talent to be in the running for the Cy Young again.

His pitching and his passion for helping others clearly make this Dodgers’ Ace one in a million.

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