Who Would Be Philadelphia Phillies' Captain?

By Victor Filoromo
Jimmy Rollins Philadelphia Phillies
Kim Klement-USA Today Sports

When you think about a captain in sports, it’s quite easy to have your mind drift to the NHL. After all, baseball teams don’t typically name captains.

However, the New York Mets on Thursday announced third baseman David Wright would be their new captain, fourth in team history. Wright, Derek Jeter, and Paul Konerko are the only captains in the Major Leagues.

Most baseball teams just don’t see it fit to name a captain. Unlike in the NHL, it just hasn’t truly been a part of the culture. None of the three captains wear the “C” on their uniform, so it’s an honor that not many will even recognize.

It did get me to thinking, however. Who would be the Philadelphia Phillies captain, if they had one?

Obviously, Chase Utley’s name comes to mind. He’s the hard-nosed, gritty player that has represented Philadelphia so well throughout his career.

Ryan Howard’s name comes to mind as well. He’s in the lineup every day, hasn’t missed a whole lot of time in his career, and has the respect of his teammates.

Roy Halladay could make his case as well.

However, there is only one man that truly fits the description of a captain for the Phillies. His name is Jimmy Rollins.

He’s been with the team for 13 years (12 full seasons), and has been the team’s undisputed leader through thick and thin. As the vocal leader in the clubhouse, Rollins’ presence is always well known.

Like the other guys mentioned, he has the respect of his teammates, and has taken plenty of guys under his wing throughout his time in Philadelphia; including Shane Victorino, who always referred to Rollins as his big brother in his time here.

While the Phillies won’t name a captain anytime soon, it’s clear who the Phillies would name captain if they had one. Rollins has been the centerpiece of the Phillies’ organization over the last decade and has certainly been captain material.

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