New York Yankees Leader Derek Jeter Tired of Answering Ankle Questions

By David Miller
derek jeter yankees
Derick Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

What can you say about New York Yankees legend-in-waiting Derek Jeter, that hasn’t already been said? He is a leader in every sense of the word. The Yankees rely on him for so much and he always handles himself with the utmost respect for the game and those who play it and report on it. Recently even Jeter seems a little put out by the questions about his ankle and how his return to the big roster by opening day looks. Who can blame him?

Jeter really shouldn’t have to keep answering the same questions. I know the press is a little more persistent in New York to say the least but enough really should be enough. This guy is going into the Hall of Fame probably on the first ballot. He has won so many World Series titles with the Yankees that people began to compare this era’s Yankees to the classic eras. Comparisons can certainly be drawn between Jeter and several of the all time greats that have worn the famous pinstripes.

All of that says to me that if Jeter says he will be ready, he will. He probably won’t go out when he is physically unable to perform. Even if it hurts, if he goes to the field you can bet you’ll get 100 percent Jeter until the game is over. Isn’t what he has done enough to just let him come back as he wants? He is a veteran of plenty of enough seasons that he knows when he will be ready to go. Whether it is a big deal or a lot of pain or not, honestly doesn’t matter. This is Jeter, let him go out and be Jeter when he is ready to and come up with different questions.

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