Seattle Mariners Ace Felix Hernandez Pitching Lights Out Already

By David Miller
felix hernandez mariners
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There seems to be a bit of a tendency to wish harm to a player that brings in a record contract during the off-season. I think it’s a bit of a flaw of human nature that traces easily back to jealousy. For Felix Hernandez, there is plenty of that going around. None of it is coming from the Seattle Mariners or the Mariners fans however. They love “King Felix” and can’t wait to watch him pitch.

Recently when he went to the mound for a standard spring tune-up session, Hernandez really showed a lot more than tuning up. Every single pitch was working for him. His fastball was dominant, the change-up was nasty and the curve was dropping off of the table. Hernandez fanned nine batters in six innings. This isn’t the first of the spring either, these were major leaguers.

The more Hernandez shows what he can do, the more that big contract seems to fade into the background. I hope as he goes to the mound to lead the Mariners this season, people will focus on how incredible he is pitching right now and forget all about the amount of money he makes. The manager at your local supermarket isn’t asked how much he makes when his store is the best in the company. Hernandez shouldn’t have to worry about the money he makes when he pitches like that.

His team doesn’t mind and thinks he deserved it. His teammates specifically agree that he deserved it as do the fans. Who else, other than those in his personal life, matters? Quite simply Hernandez looks to be every bit as dominant going into the 2013 season if not more than he was last season. It will be difficult not to give him the Cy-Young when he shows this ability all season long.

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