Boston Red Sox Manager John Farrell Discusses Jackie Bradley Jr.'s Future

By Art Eddy
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

As the Boston Red Sox prepared for today’s game against the Philadelphia Phillies, John Farrell is getting inundated with questions about Jackie Bradley Jr.’s immediate future with the team. Jackie is again making a strong case for himself as he hit a three run home run off of Cliff Lee today.

Another good sign is that Farrell put Jackie in the starting role in the outfield with Jacoby Ellsbury and Shane Victorino. When reporters asked if Bradley Jr. would be on the Red Sox roster come Opening Day, Farrell said that he “could be.”

Farrell spoke with Boston Herald’s Scott Lauber saying, “This is probably the best environment we can put him in. On the road. Away from our ballpark. Going up against a very good pitcher. This will be a good day for him.”

It seems that the stars are in perfect alignment for the Red Sox top prospect to get a roster spot. Bradley Jr. is not only an offensive threat, but he can play great defense and does have the speed to play center field.

Jackie played left field when the Red Sox took on the Toronto Blue Jays this past Friday. He impressed the coaching staff by making a few tremendous defensive stops and was able to showcase his strong arm to stop a runner from scoring.

The Red Sox seem to keep on putting Jackie to the test throughout this entire Spring Training. Bradley Jr. has been passing these tests with flying colors. Granted some of the pitchers that he has been facing this preseason are rookies or minor league players so his stats are a bit inflated, yet he was able to hit a homer off of Cliff Lee which is a strong sign for Boston that he can hang with the big boys in the majors.

With Red Sox players like David Ortiz still out with injuries, Bradley Jr. is making most of his time impressing Farrell and the other coaches. The “could be” answer from Farrell will most likely be turned into a yes as the Red Sox need to finalize their final roster in the coming days.


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