Detractors Sharpen Their Knives Despite Domonic Brown's Performance

By Sean O'Brien
Philadelphia Phillies Domonic Brown
Kim Klement – USA TODAY Sports

Charlie Manuel needs Domonic Brown to fulfill the hype that the Philadelphia Phillies have been promoting for years. This season number 9 simply needs to play within himself and he will succeed. Doing so will also force every detractor into remission.

One of the interesting aspects of the modern sports world is the explosion that’s taken place within every digital dimension. Clearly the arrival of this “hyper-age” has enabled many voices to be magnified beyond what is normal, or even useful. As a result of the general public having access to far too much meaningless drivel, people are accepting the opinions of others as some type of fact-based reality.

Sabermetric Sam and his significant other Sally need to understand that numbers don’t define desire and that they aren’t actually experts on the game.

Someone who simply saw the big league splits on the back of Brown’s downloadable baseball card might have wrongfully concluded that he continued his backwards slide last season, when the opposite was true.

Watching Brown play in-person in 2012 allowed me to understand that he apparently turned a corner in his mind. His actions in the field and at the plate were far more controlled than they had been in recent seasons. However, I wanted to wait until the spring arrived before I began to form some initial conclusions about his potential career progress.

The influence of Ryne Sandberg and Steve Henderson during the past two seasons can’t be understated. In addition to those two sharp baseball men, Brown is also benefiting from daily access to new assistant hitting coach Wally Joyner. As a result, his swing seems to have lost its swoop.

Brown has created offensive momentum in the Grapefruit Leagues that should be carried forward to the Major Leagues starting on April 1.

No one knows whether this affable outfielder will succeed, fail or stand somewhere between that thin diamond line. However, anyone who has ever played, coached or worked in the game at any level will continue to observe his efforts with an open mind.

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