Why would the Pittsburgh Pirates attempt to trade Gaby Sanchez?

By Scott Thomas
Charles LeClair- USA Today Sports

Reports that have surfaced lately that the Pittsburgh Pirates are considering, or might consider trading Gaby Sanchez to the New York Yankees. I have to ask the question, why would they do such a thing?

If the Pirates are going to get older in the player(s) they would get in exchange for Sanchez (and they would be, considering that the Yankees are older), it doesn’t make any sense as to why the Pirates would want to do so.

With the core of the Pirates’ current MLB positional player roster in the age range of 23-33, with only 33 year old Clint Barmes and 31 year old Garrett Jones being the only players of that group over 30, how would bringing in an even older veteran going to help the long-term future of the Pirates?

If the goal would be to bolster the talent at the minor league level, trading with the Yankees won’t make any sense either, as most followers of the minor leagues would prefer the overall talent in the Pirates farm system. A better bet would be to strike up a deal with the Texas Rangers, Seattle Mariners, St. Louis Cardinals or Tampa Bay Rays.

Then you consider that the Pirates have will have 26 year old Chase d’Arnaud healthy next season, with 19 year-old Alen Hanson not too far behind, as well as OF’s Joshua Bell and Gregory Polanco expected to be starters in the Pirates Outfield by 2016.

Add in SP prospects Gerrit Cole, Jamison Taillon and Louis Heredia leading the front-end of the pitching rotation by 2016 as well, and this is not a team that needs to try and add age to the roster to improve talent level.

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