Carter Capps Ready to Leave his Mark on Seattle Mariners Season

By David Miller
carter capps mariners
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Some players find it difficult to get to the major league level. Generally it can depend on what position a player specializes in. Catchers for example usually find it easy to get to the majors quicker because of the demand that the position brings with it. With the development of structured bullpens in Major League Baseball, relief pitchers are quickly becoming the same way. Seattle Mariners relief pitcher Carter Capps is a great example of that fact.

Capps barely spent a year and a half in the minor leagues before being called up to the big leagues and having a positive impact. Now as he gets ready to embark on his first full season at the major league level, Capps looks to be perfecting his stuff and preparing to dominate. His fastball is already in the upper nineties but Capps is smart enough already to know that he needs more at the big league spot than a great fastball.

This spring he has been working on a slider and boy oh boy does it look to be working. Video of it looks a lot like the John Smoltz type slider that appears very much like the fastball just to drop drastically off the table at the last moment. Hitters are having a tough time with it already and he isn’t even finished perfecting his control of the pitch yet.

I don’t know if he will be considered a pitcher with closing potential just yet but if he continues to develop, Capps could be a closer quality pitcher within a couple of years. That would make him someone that went from first year in the minors in 2011 to full potential in just a few years. It must be nice to be a relief pitcher huh?

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