Cincinnati Reds: Devin Mesoraco Earning His Way On Roster

By Brad Stiene
Devin Mesoraco
Howard Smith-USA Today Sports

Being a number one draft pick can certainly come with a lot of high expectations and the pressure of developing into an All-Star caliber player. For some the pressure can be too much and they ultimately flame out before their full potential can be reached.

For the 2007 number one pick for the Cincinnati Reds, it’s exactly what he’s trying to avoid. Devin Mesoraco will be entering his third season, second full season, as a member of the Reds, and while he hasn’t necessarily lived up to the lofty expectations he’s been given being a number one draft pick, this season may be the season he finally breaks through.

In the previous two years, Mesoraco has struggled hitting the ball to the tune of just a batting average of .205.  A lot of people around the Reds fan base have began to doubt Mesoraco’s potential and have began to believe that he may never form into the power-hitting catcher he was when he played back in high school.

But this spring has been anything but a downfall for one Mr. Mesoraco. In 33 plate appearances, Mesoraco has 11 hits in 29 at bats including three doubles, two home runs, 10 RBI, a batting average of .379 and an on-base percentage of .455. Sure, those numbers are spring training numbers and he probably hit a lot of those against minor league pitching, but it’s most certainly helping his confidence at the plate.

If Mesoraco continues to put up the numbers he has so far this spring, he will most definitely earn a role as the starting catcher for the Reds. Ryan Hanigan is a great catcher there is no arguing that. But Hanigan doesn’t have the offensive fire power that Mesoraco can bring, if he continues the same way he has this spring.


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