How Serious is Cleveland Indians Shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera’s Back Spasms?

By Michael Terrill
How Serious is Cleveland Indians Shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera’s Sore Back
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Indians shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera was taken out of Sunday’s lineup against the Chicago Cubs due to a sore back.

Cabrera injured his back when he was taking practice in the cages before the game against the Cubs. The injury does not appear to be serious, and it should not prevent the left-handed batter from missing the start of the 2013 Major League Baseball season. However, it is certainly something the Indians must keep an eye one over the next couple of days.

“He was swinging in the cages, and he kind of tweaked his back,” manager Terry Francona told “We took him out. It seems like a silly time of the year to play through something like that.”

Francona has a legitimate point in that allowing Cabrera to continue playing despite the sore back would not do anybody any good. A few days rest should do wonders in the recovery process. After that, Cabrera will be as good as new and ready to play once again.

The 27-year old is batting .281 with one home run, seven RBIs, three doubles, one triple and one stolen base in 32 at-bats this spring. These numbers are accurate to what his regular season numbers should look like over the next few months.

Cabrera has stepped up the power numbers in recent years, batting .270 with 16 home runs, 68 RBI and 35 doubles in 555 at-bats last season. This is certainly good production from the projected No. 2 hitter in the batting order.

If for some reason Cabrera is unable to go by April 2, utility infielder Mike Aviles will most likely start in his place.

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