Jeff Baker to be on Texas Rangers Opening Day Roster

By David Miller
jeff baker rangers
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

When you see someone like Derek Jeter or Chipper Jones that is successful for decades while playing for the same team, it is easy to forget that there are career major leaguers that jump from team to team for decades. That doesn’t mean they are not good players or not valuable, just different types of players. Jeff Baker has made the Texas Rangers opening day roster for the 2013 season. What happens next is anyone’s guess but he will do his job, of that I am sure.

Last season alone Baker played for the Chicago Cubs, Atlanta Braves and Detroit Tigers. Then he was swimming through the off-season with no contract when the Rangers signed him to a minor league deal and invited him to camp. Isn’t it funny how these veteran utility men always find their way to a major league roster? There is literally always someone that can use them and that actually needs them. They might not need them for more than a few months or past one season, but by then someone else will.

Baker is a productive utility guy that has experience playing all over the diamond. He isn’t going to blow anyone away with offensive stats but his manager knows that when he puts Baker in, he will get a veteran that knows how to play the game. Sometimes that is worth more than a superstar and to be sure, teams need both types of players to win championships. It is possible that with all of their talent, Baker might be the thing that pushes the Rangers over the hump during the tough season games.

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