Miami Marlins Have Decisions To Make Before 2013 Season Begins

Casey Kotchman slides

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Although the MLB hot stove has been burning for months, the Miami Marlins still have some decisions to make in preparation for the 2013 campaign. On Tuesday, March 26 the Marlins will have to come to a conclusion on what to do with three type B free agents on their team.

A type B free agent is someone with at least six years of experience at the minor league level who is playing on a minor league deal. While these players aren’t the face of the franchise, they still could have a big impact for a Marlins team that will struggle to win 70 games. The collective bargaining agreement states that type B free agents must be informed by their team whether or not they will be on the opening day roster five days before the first game of the season is played.

Austin Kearns, Casey Kotchman and Chad Qualls are the type B free agents for Miami and are all curious if they will start the season with the big league club this year.

I have Kotchman breaking camp as an Opening Day starter for the Marlins as he is a 30-year-old first basemen who has had a fantastic spring hitting .457. The Marlins are going to need offense with half of their team playing for the Toronto Blue Jays, so I fully expect them to keep Kotchman at the major league level for now.

As for Kearns I think he will start the season at triple-A or will be granted his release from the club. Kearns, 32, has not impressed me this spring hitting a lowly .065 which is not acceptable whatsoever. Qualls is a bit of a mystery as he has pitched five scoreless innings this spring, but he has been with seven MLB teams in the last three years for a reason.

Decisions will be made regarding these three on Tuesday, but do not be surprised if the team is also active in the backup catcher market with Jeff Mathis on the shelf with a broken collarbone.

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