Miguel Tejada Must be Dropped Soon

By Bandon Decker
Miguel Tejada San Francisco Giants
Jason O. Watson – USA Today Sports

It might be fair to have thought that when the Kansas City Royals announced that they had signed Miguel Tejada to a minor league contract it was a joke. The most favorable epithet that could be given to him is probably ‘washed up’ and even though the accusations were never verified, more than a few would probably go with ‘cheat’. Certainly there seemed no reason to bring him to the club and indeed his signing rather ran against what the Royals were trying to do. But he did come to Surprise and despite leaving the club for the better part of the camp to play in the World Baseball Farce Classic he is still in the major league camp.

It is now just over a week to Opening Day and it’s not funny anymore. Players are being cut and whilst none of them have been players who should have been on the big league roster, Tejada certainly should have been amongst them. the Royals have had their laughs, it is time to stop. Tejada is literally worthless. And that is not the ‘modern’ use of the word ‘literally’ that completely robs it of its meaning, it is the true use. He is literally worth nothing. He has not played meaningfully in the major leagues since 2010 and has not had any success since 2009. Even back when he was truly good (and that was a long time ago indeed) there is nothing whatsoever to suggest that his accomplishments where legitimately gained. In camp this year he is hitting all of .238 with one extra base hit.

The longer the Royals let him hang around the more legitimacy he gains. It is time, indeed past time, that he was shown the door and Elliot Johnson formally given the reserve infield role. He is not only the better player with the better credentials, he is not staining the club with strong accusations of cheating.

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