New York Mets Counting Days Until Johan Santana Leaves Town

By Devin O'Barr
Johan Santana pitches
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

When the New York Mets broke the bank and decided to give Johan Santana a six-year deal worth $137M back in 2008, the MLB world was shocked. Well, Sanatana has since disappointed to say the least, but the Mets have just one more season with the two time Cy Young winner on the roster.

Santana was considered the best pitcher in the game after his final season with the Minnesota Twins in 2007. He was dominant while in the American League leading the league in ERA twice in a matter of three seasons. His arrival in New York appeared to be a match made in heaven as he led the league with a 2.53 ERA and won 16 games for an underachieving Mets team. Little did Mets faithful know, this would be as good as it got during Santana’s tenure in the Big Apple.

In 2011, Santana missed the entire season, but his 2010 campaign was not Santana-esque striking out a mere 144 batters after fanning 245 in 2006.

2013 is the last season that the Mets have Santana and they are preparing to give him a swift kick out of the door. At 34-years-old, Santana is making over $25M in 2013 which is a crying shame considering he will not be healthy for yet another MLB Opening day. Although it started better than the Mets had ever imagined, the Johan experiment failed miserably for the team.

His last season in the Big Apple won’t be cheap, but at least the Mets only have to give Santana one more season of salary. Hopefully this can be a lesson to all MLB teams–baseball championships are won on the field, not on the stat sheet.

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