Can Alfonso Soriano Lead Chicago Cubs to Victory in 2013?

By Stephanie Lynn


Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Entering the second-to-last year of his eight-year, $136 million contract, Alfonso Soriano has had a strong Spring Training with the Chicago Cubs. The left-fielder has had four home runs and nine RBIs, earning himself a batting average of .224 one week before Opening Day.

This above-average performance from Soriano could really benefit him as he nears the end of his time with the Cubs. The 37-year-old has taken more than his fair share of criticism over the years because of his inability to put up the numbers the Cubs had hoped for.

“He’s too slow.” “He can’t hit.” It’s all been said by fans, but Soriano’s spring should provide Chicago with some hope for a better 2013 season.

On the other hand, a better spring for Soriano could possibly make him a top candidate for the trade deadline. According to, Soriano drew interest from the New York Yankees in the beginning of Spring Training. However, Soriano will have to approve any trade that the Cubs want to involve him in.

But Soriano doesn’t want to go to a different team. He wants to finish his contract and possibly his career in Chicago. “The only thing I want to do here is play baseball and try to help people to get better,” he told

Before his contract is up, Soriano has been quite vocal about how badly he wants the Cubs to win the World Series. “I think if everybody is hungry to play, we can do something,” he told of his team doing what many consider the impossible.

Is Soriano setting his sights a little too high for a team that hasn’t won a World Series title in 105 years? It’s hard to say, but if he keeps playing the way he has, he could definitely play a part in helping the Cubs become a stronger team.



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