Detroit Tigers Fans Must Only Wait 6 More Days

By justingawel
Brayan Pena Omar Infante Detroit Tigers
Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Start your proverbial baseball engines, set your phazers to fun, and bunker down for some hot, summer, baseball lovin’. We’re six days away from your Detroit Tigers opening the season against the Minnesota Twins in what will be a chilly Opening Day. With a high of 37 degrees Fahrenheit it will be cold and no one will get sunburn, but meaningful baseball will be played.

Justin Verlander is expected to be on the bump for your Tigers and will be facing off against someone to be decided on the Twins’ roster who is not as accomplished as Verlander. Add that to the fact that the Tigers’ lineup is a modern-day ‘Murderers’ Row” where the Twins’ lineup is, at best, a “Misdemeanor or Civil Infraction Row” and, to cap it off, I’m way more intimidated by a half scowl from Tigers’ skipper Jim Leyland than I have ever been from even the most heated arguments from Twins’ manager Rod Gardenhire.

On paper, it looks like Detroit’s Boys of Summer should easily win, but remember, this is baseball and it’s a marathon season, not a sprint. With nearly every team finishing the year between .400 and .600, the Twins have a chance of catching Verlander and the defending American League champions on an off day.  It would be a bummer, but it is still just one game.

Anyways, we’re only six days away from the beginning of 162 games over six months.  It’s time to get excited, Detroit, because we’ve all got a good feeling about this being our year.

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