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Los Angeles Dodgers Clayton Kershaw’s Slow Spring is Great News

Los Angeles Dodgers Clayton Kershaw

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Baseball has plenty of young talent. One of those young super-stars is the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Ace Clayton Kershaw. He is first-class, and gives his all on and off the field. But Kershaw is not having a good spring. Some are asking: what does Kershaw’s slow spring mean?

Kershaw has pitched 25 innings this spring and given up 25 hits. His 3.60 ERA and 13 runs look very discouraging compared to his regular season stats. His 2012 spring numbers were 21 innings and 19 hits. However, his Whip of 2012 was 1.23 and this year it’s a 1.28. So I’d say he’s right in line with where he usually is this time of year.

Everyone knows Kershaw is a second-half pitcher. His 3.12 ERA pre-All-Star break and 2.42 ERA post-All-Star is living proof that Kershaw’s a finisher. This slow start is him just warming up. Kershaw was born to pitch from August-October. Can you imagine him pitching in games 1, 4 and 7 of a World Series?

The Dodgers sure can. That’s why they signed this young man right out of high school. That’s why the Dodgers aren’t worried at all about spring. Kershaw is a gamer. The Dodgers are building a team and a talented pitching staff around a rising star whose career stats per nine innings tell the whole story. Kershaw’s SO/9 9.3, BB/9 3.3, H/9 7.0 and HR/9 .6 make him their Ace.

The last two years, he has shown his ability with a 2011 Cy Young and 2012 Runner-up. Kershaw finishes what he starts. This slow spring means great news for 2013. With him on the hill, the Dodgers always have a chance to win every game he pitches. Let’s not make a big deal about his spring—let’s see where Kershaw ends in the fall.