Where does Los Angeles Dodgers GM Ned Colletti Stand?

By Rodney Coe
Los Angeles Dodgers Ned Colletti
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the win-now attitude of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ ownership, general manager Ned Colletti has his back against the wall. Much is being said about Manager Don Mattingly’s responsibility of winning it all, but where does Colletti stand if the Dodgers can’t put a championship together?

Colletti has put together the largest payroll in baseball. With the number floating around $230 million, the Dodgers look like the west coast New York Yankees, except for the fact that the Dodgers are much more talented than the Yankees.

This Dodgers team is a dream team. They not only have to win — they should win. Colletti can be credited with putting this team together. Since arriving to LA in 2005, Colletti has put together a team that has reached the post season three times in seven years. He inherited a team that was 71-91 and survived the tumultuous ownership of the McCourt’s court battles.

His leadership throughout those difficult seasons allowed then manager Joe Torre to focus on the baseball issues, and provided for a smooth transition to Mattingly taking the helm as manager. Colletti should be congratulated for the smooth relationship between players and management, because there was potential for a dysfunctional clubhouse.

Colletti has built a team that has to be considered for at least the National League pennant, but the dodgers have their sights on the World Series. They have the tools for the task thanks to Colletti, but can they win it all? If not, where will Colletti stand with ownership if the Dodgers disappoint?

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