Who Will Fill Backup Catcher Role for Arizona Diamondbacks Come Opening Day?

By chris lacey
Jennifer Stewart-USA Today Sports

The Arizona Diamondbacks have a minor decision to makes as spring training is coming to a close; They will decide who will become the backup to Miguel Montero when the season begins. The Diamondbacks will choose either Wil Nieves or Rod Barajas to earn to the position of being the second catcher on the team.

The backup catcher on most MLB teams will not see plenty of action during the season except if there is an injury to the starting catcher. The role of the secondary catcher on most teams is to give the starting catcher a chance to rest during the season. This happens more with the Diamondbacks than with any other team in MLB.  Montero caught 1,190 innings in 139 games last season, and this was the highest in MLB in 2012.

The Diamondbacks brought in Nieves last season and served as the Diamondbacks emergency catcher during the season. Nieves did a good job of handling the staff in the games where Montero needed a break during the season, and Nieves also did a good job on offense as indicated by his .306/.324/.741 triple-slash in 36 at-bats last season. The other option that the Diamondbacks have is Barajas, who has more power than Nieves but is prone to strike out more and hits for a lower batting average as indicated by his .206/.283/.625 triple-slash in 321 at-bats last season with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The Diamondbacks have options of which person they want to use to backup their all-star catcher when the season begins.

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