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Freddy Galvis a Jack of All Trades for Philadelphia Phillies

Freddy Galvis Philadelphia Phillies

Howard Smith-USA Today Sports

Freddy Galvis currently has the most extra-base hits of any player in the Grapefruit League. Let that sink in for a second, as the Philadelphia Phillies wrap things up in sunny Florida and head north for the 2013 season.

Yesterday, Galvis cracked his third home run of the spring, all the while working on his game in left field. On Sunday, Galvis got the start in right field, which would have to make one wonder if Charlie Manuel is actually serious about playing Galvis in the outfield or just sick and tired of being in Florida for the last month and a half.

Galvis held his own in the outfield, dealing with the crazy winds that Florida has this time of year. He probably already has enough on his plate heading into 2013, but who knows what could happen in case the Phillies need a spare outfielder?

Galvis will see plenty of time in the infield this year. Jimmy Rollins has been an everyday player throughout his career, but Galvis could probably see ten starts at shortstop, 12 or so at third base, and maybe more at second base considering how often Manuel gives Chase Utley a day off.

Most important for Galvis, he’s definitely on the Major League roster come next week, and that’s something he could not say with certainty as recently as three or four days ago. With the release of Yuniesky Betancourt, Galvis, 22, is relieved he is not going to be riding the buses in Triple-A.

However, he sure could be playing a bunch of different positions in 2013.