New York Yankees Collecting Toronto Blue Jays Rejects

By Clayton Richer
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

There once was a time in the not so distant past if the New York Yankees had a void to fill in their lineup they would simply throw the most ridiculous amount of cash at their targeted player as conceivably possible.  Somewhere between then and now the Yankees have become bargain basement hounds searching the clearance bins for baseball rejects of yesteryear.

The Yankees lineup is starting to look more and more like a Toronto Blue Jays garage sale, as the Yankees added their fourth washed-up former Jays player yesterday.  So let’s recap:

On January 28th the Yankees added 34 year old Juan Rivera who spent 70 games in 2011 with the Blue Jays before they exiled him out of Canada. Interestingly enough the Jays were forced to take on Rivera as part of the package going for Vernon Wells and his monstrosity of a contract. Rivera plays like he has one foot in the grave showing zero motivation or passion for the game.

On March 11 the Bronx Bombers signed veteran utility man Ben Francisco to a minor league deal. Francisco served as a bench player in 2012 for the Jays playing 27 games before being dealt to the Houston Astros as part of the J.A Happ deal.

On March 26th New York acquired the services of the aforementioned Vernon Wells from the Los Angeles Angels. This was purely an attempt to dump some of the salary still owing to Wells on the part of the Angels. The Yankees will pay approximately $13.5 million for two years of Wells who played 12 years with the Blue Jays.

My only question to the Yankees brain-trust is about the $13.5 million you just spent on an injury prone outfielder, Could that not have been better spent resigning catcher Russell Martin who signed a two year pact for $15 million with the Pittsburgh Pirates in the off-season?

To complete the garage sale quartet of players, the Yankees added veteran Lyle Overbay yesterday after he was released by the Boston Red Sox. Overbay was once a viable option but at 36 years of age his best years are long behind him. Overbay spent five years north of the border with the Blue Jays and should be a non-factor in New York at this stage.

I guess we can all sit back and wait for the Yankees to acquire Ricky Romero next.

Clayton Richer covers the Toronto Blue Jays for Rant Sports. Follow and interact with him on Twitter at @MLBHotCorner.

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