The Washington Nationals Facing a Cover Story Jinx? Stuff and Nonsense

By Michael Collins
Brad Barr – USA Today Sports

It never fails…put a team or a player on the cover of some famous publication of video game cover, and all the sudden people start talking about a “cover jinx”, like it’s some sort of predestined failure to have that type of national exposure. To that, the Washington Nationals should say, balderdash!

Yes, Sports Illustrated has featured Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg on their big baseball preview issue, picking the Nats to go all the way and win the World Series in 2013.

So while you ponder the validity of such a jinx from that prediction and cover story, go ahead and rub your lucky rabbit’s foot, turn that horseshoe points up so the luck doesn’t run out, press that 4-leaf clover in your grandma’s bible and read up on the latest from Area 51 in Roswell, New Mexico.

Because much like the myth of the honest politician, none of those things are real.

Baseball experts the world over didn’t need SI to tell them that the Nationals are favorites to win the World Series. Had the team not pulled a Montreal Expo-like move last season and shut down Strasburg right before the playoff push, they might be getting their rings on opening night instead of talking about a curse.

Washington has the same chance of winning it that they did 24 hours prior to that story being published by SI, and based on the moves and signings they’ve done during the off-season, that chance might have even increased. The only thing that can stand in the way of success for a team built as solidly as the Nationals is their own short-sightedness and/or debilitating injuries to key players.

So pick your favorite non-compliant comeback from the scripts of Col. Sherman T. Potter, MASH 4077, and tell all the superstitious nay-sayers to go brush up on their unicorn lore.

The Nationals are going to be fine.

Oops…dropped my lucky pen.


Michael Collins is a Rant Sports Senior Writer, and Atlanta sports columnist. Follow him @GaSportsCraze on Twitter and here on Facebook


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