Cleveland Indians Naming Jason Giambi to Roster was Right Move

By David Miller
jason giambi indians
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

It isn’t that uncommon to see a player named to a roster not because of the numbers he puts up, but it is uncommon enough to make people pay attention. The Cleveland Indians recently announced that Jason Giambi was going to be on the everyday roster for this season. Terri Francona has spoken all spring about the things that Giambi brings to the team and now he has officially placed the aging slugger on the roster.

Though Giambi will begin the season with a minor disabled list stay, he will be on the bench doing a lot of what his job will be this year. Grabbing a bat and playing in a game or pinch-hitting is only part of his duties. The other parts he can do on the DL if he travels with the team. Giambi has developed into a great clubhouse leader and has the knowledge of how to face tough pitchers that he has faced many times in his career.

There might be players that could have given more to the team but the roster is more complete this way. The Indians have utility bench players that can fill any role Francona wants them to fill. Giambi is a great addition for all the right reasons. I applaud Francona and team management for not just acting like they want a winning attitude in Cleveland but doing many things that clearly show they mean it. Naming the veteran slugger Giambi to the roster is perfect proof of that fact.

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