Colorado Rockies Give Starting Third Base Job to Chris Nelson

By David Miller
chris nelson rockies
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

It isn’t easy to hit a round ball with a round bat but that is what Major League Baseball players get paid the big bucks for. The fact that they can do it doesn’t make it easy to do so in front of the pitcher’s number nine spot in the batting order however. That is the task that lies before Colorado Rockies third baseman Chris Nelson. He plans to improve his production this season in response to team management letting him know they expect more.

Last season Nelson did a decent job for a young guy starting at third base but Walt Weiss and Rockies management made it clear to Nelson that they expect more from him. That led to him having to fight for the same job he had in 2012 during spring training. Nelson had fight on his hands but responded well and won his job once again.

What will he do with it now? He still has the unenviable task of hitting eighth in the order. As the saying goes, it’s a hard job but someone has to do it. Nelson said that he feels confident and comfortable in the slot before the pitcher but there is little doubt that it affects his numbers. Luckily they do not expect him to explode with wonderful numbers this season. What they expect is more power production and that is something that he should be able to do. The good news for Nelson is that the more he produces, the more the chances are that he will move up in the order eventually.

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