Boston Red Sox Look to Keep Mike Carp and Let Ryan Sweeney Go

By Art Eddy
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Boston Red Sox first baseman Mike Carp looks to have made the cut while Ryan Sweeney seems to be taking his talents elsewhere. Yesterday the Red Sox had three candidates to fill two roster spots. One was looking to go to Jackie Bradley Jr. while Carp and Sweeney were vying the last spot.

After the Red Sox beat the Minnesota Twins last night Sweeney found out that Boston did not purchase his contract.

So with the Red Sox declining to pick up Sweeney, Carp should be getting the final spot. Bradley Jr. and Carp have not heard anything from the team, but that what is seems like from the rumors that are swirling around Florida.

Ryan Sweeney will probably not stay with the Red Sox and play in their Triple-A affiliate in Pawtucket. Ryan will look to play for another team since he wants to play on the major league level. Sweeney played 63 for the Red Sox had 19 doubles and 16 RBIs. Sweeney did not say where he might be going, but there are teams out there that will want to pick him up.

For Mike Carp, he was traded from the Seattle Mariners this offseason to Boston. Carp did miss 79 games last year with groin and shoulder injuries. When he did play for Seattle he had an average of .213 with just five home runs in 189 appearances at the plate.

There was some concern on why Boston signed Carp since scouting reports showed issues with his defensive skills at first base. Carp is strong on the offensive side as the Mariners used him at their cleanup hitter especially in 2011. Carp was competing with Lyle Overbay for a spot on the roster and the Red Sox let Overbay go earlier this month.

The Red Sox do have powerful bats in their lineup so the signing of Carp this offseason was sort of a head scratcher, but Boston feels that Carp is a better addition to the team than Sweeney. We will see if that is the case this season.

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