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Chicago Cubs To Put A Jumbotron In Wrigley Field?


Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

There seems to be no respect anymore for preserving the classic traditions of baseball at Wrigley Field now that Tom Ricketts is in charge of the Chicago Cubs. According to the Chicago Tribune, the Cubs’ owner wants to do the unspeakable to the 99-year-old ballpark: replace the hand-operated scoreboard with a Jumbotron as a part of Wrigley’s ongoing renovations.

Fox Chicago says that Alderman Tom Tunney feels that the addition of a Jumbotron would be a great way to bring in more money. He also added that a Jumbotron would not obstruct the view of the stadium from the infamous rooftop seats across the street.

It would be an understatement to call the addition of a Jumbotron to Wrigley Field a “bad idea.” It would be a disastrous idea! Part of Wrigley’s appeal is the fact that it’s not like every other ballpark; it still has an old-time feeling to it rather than the modern 21st century technology that the other stadiums use. Putting in a Jumbotron would make Wrigley Field just like every other ballpark in America and that’s unacceptable. People flock to Wrigley Field every year to see a baseball stadium that is different from the rest, that stands out from the others. Adding a Jumbotron to the second oldest stadium in baseball would just be a shame.

There’s no way this idea will go over well with the fans. Replacing Wrigley Field’s hand-operated scoreboard with a Jumbotron would cause too much heartbreak to all the dedicated North-siders who have grown up with Cubs’ baseball.

Leave the scoreboard alone, Ricketts.