Los Angeles Angels Rumors: Chris Young Being Targeted For Rotation Depth?

By Thom Tsang
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Young‘s unlikely bid to earn a spot on the Washington Nationals may have recently come to an end, but perhaps there’s another strong contender who may be interested in the veteran’s services:

Yes, I know, that’s a bit of old news by now, and that are other teams who might be in on the righty isn’t so surprising in itself, as there are plenty of teams that could use pitchers.

But having the Los Angeles Angels being named as one of them? Well, that does seem a little odd.

After all, the reason why Young opted out of his minor league contract with the Nationals to begin with was because their rotation was already five-strong, and it’s not as though the Angels’ starting five are any less set either.

If the Angels were to sign Young to a deal now, he wouldn’t exactly be joining the team’s 25-man rotation, barring an injury to one of the five.

By that, I suppose I really mean Tommy Hanson, who has played a bit of a will-he-or-won’t-he game as far as his readiness is concerned. The righty last Cactus League start was actually skipped in lieu of an intrasquad game, and though both Hanson and the team claims that he’s ready for his April 6 turn, his shaky spring campaign (11 runs over 12 innings on 15 hits, four homers) has been a concern all season long.

While Young doesn’t have the youth or upside of Hanson, he could serve as a viable backup plan in case the Angels decide over the next few days that the latter needs to take some extra time getting ready, or if there’s a health concern over his shoulder that is more than just lingering.

Young has pitched rather well this spring after getting off to a rough debut, allowing no runs in nine combined innings over his last two Grapefruit League outings. He finished off what was likely his last game (unless the two agrees on a minor league deal) for the Nationals with a four-inning, two-hit performance with a pair of strikeouts.

It (rightfully) wasn’t enough for the 33-year old Young to dethrone Ross Detwiler of the Nationals, and it won’t be enough to take Hanson out of his spot on the Angels. That said, the team hasn’t seemed totally decided on what will happen to Hanson when the season opens, and these things do have a habit of developing rather quickly.

Sure, they say he’s ready, but it looks to be far from a sure thing yet.

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