2013 MLB Preview: Texas Rangers vs. AL West

By Kyle McAreavy
Texas Rangers
Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

With the season starting tomorrow for the Texas Rangers, it is time for me to do my divisional preview from the Rangers standpoint.

First is that the Los Angeles Angels are going to be very good this season. They have made some very good pickups and they have a lot of returning talent. The Angels are going to be very difficult to beat this season.

Next is the Oakland Athletics. The cinderella of 2012 is going to have a hard time repeating in 2013. They do have talent, but they can’t expect all their young pitchers to throw as well as they did in their rookie seasons last year. Oakland will be tough but should be beatable.

Third is the Seattle Mariners. The Mariners have made a lot of good additions during the offseason and showed during Spring Training that they are going to have some power this year. The Mariners are improved but should still be right around .500. Easily conquerable for the Rangers.

The last team to look at in this division is the new Houston Astros. The Astros have had two consecutive 100-loss seasons and the talent in Houston doesn’t make it seem like they are going to end that streak. This Astros team is not good. It looks to me like they are on their way to finishing last in the AL West in their first try at it.

All in all, I would expect the Rangers to easily beat the Astros, Mariners and Athletics, the Angels are going to be tough, but a wild card slot is not out of the question for the 2013 Rangers.

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