How Will Jack Hannahan Benefit the Cincinnati Reds?

By Brad Stiene
Eric P. Mull-USA Today Sports

By now you know that the Cincinnati Reds have a young, solid corner infield on defense and power hitters on offense in Joey Votto and Todd Frazier.

But neither Frazier nor Votto are going to play all 162 games in a season.  So this is where guys like Jack Hannahan come in.

Since Scott Rolen and the Reds decided to part ways with each other, it left the door wide open for Frazier to take third base for his own and he has shown throughout spring why third base should be his.  This also left a slim, but possible, chance for Hannahan to show what he has as well and hopefully earn a spot on the roster — which he has done.

Hannahan was acquired in the trade that sent Drew Stubbs up to the Cleveland Indians. While his time in Cleveland was short lived, he gave the Indians a solid two years of a combined 12 home runs and 69 RBIs while his batting average was .247.  They aren’t exactly eye-popping, MVP-type numbers, but it was a consistency that Hannahan developed while playing third base and first and filling in when he needed to give guys a day off.

That is exactly what I think he will do in Cincinnati.  Hannahan isn’t going to be playing in any All-Star Games this season or next and he’s not going draw the autograph-seeking crowd, but he will give the Reds a much-needed bat off the bench, a guy who can fill in and play the corner infield, and will give the Reds an opportunity to win day in and day out.

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