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New Look Toronto Blue Jays Ready to Prove Their Worth

toronto blue jays

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

No team in Major League Baseball made more high profile changes than the Toronto Blue Jays did this off-season. The front office made it clear that they wanted to win and they didn’t mean build a winner over several years in the farm system. They want to win this season and went to prove it by spending lots of money and completing lots of trades. Everything they did looks golden right now but the season is about to start and then the real test will begin.

The best thing about the guys the Blue Jays brought in is that a lot of them have done this before. They are not brand new stars right out of the farm system that expect wins to fall into their laps. This is a group of guys that know they have to go out each and every game and play their best to win. For all of their talent, and there is plenty of it, that might be the best quality these guys bring to the Blue Jays as a whole. They know winning takes work. They know they could have the most incredible team on paper and go out and lose 85 games in the season.

Forgetting all of the other factors involved, that is why they will win. I’m sure they are getting along now with all the hope and promise in the world. The real team will emerge after the first long slump where nothing goes right. When they pull together and fight their way through the funk of a long slump, they will then be a team. If after that time they are in contention for the lead in the American League East, they will be very hard to stop.

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