Philadelphia Phillies Get Little Love from Prognosticators

By Victor Filoromo
Ruben Amaro Philadelphia Phillies
Howard Smith-USA Today Sports

If it’s late March in baseball, that can only mean one thing: prediction time. It’s that great time when everybody is right and nobody can be wrong.

The “experts” have sent in their picks for the 2013 season, and the Philadelphia Phillies are hard to find in anyone’s playoff picks, although there are a few scattered hands of support for the ballclub.

CBS Sports has completely shut out the Phillies, with all six experts polled picking the team to finish third in the division. Yahoo! Sports polled their four experts, and there’s not much hope there for the Phillies either.

ESPN? No dice, unless you like a Wild Card trip for the team. Two of the 43 polled said the Phillies would win one of the Wild Card spots.

That said, former Phillie Curt Schilling did pick Ryan Howard to win the National League MVP, although he doesn’t have the team making the post-season. Former big-leaguer Alex Cora is on board with Schilling there as well.

If you want some sort of optimism, you’d have to head to, where Jeff Nelson and Frank Thomas both have the Phillies winning the National League pennant. It’s hard to find that kind of support anywhere else, and for good reason.

The Phillies were not a good baseball team last year. They did have injuries, yes; however, when manager Charlie Manuel talks about the 2012 team, he constantly harps on the defensive mistakes the team made, the baserunning blunders they had, and the lack of steady situational hitting.

The Phillies will need all of those things to change this season if they want any chance at the post-season. If you’re asking me, I do think the Phillies sneak in as a Wild Card, but it’s hard to see them taking home a World Series trophy.

And how about last season’s predictions? ESPN had 11 people pick the Miami Marlins to win the division, with just one picking the Washington Nationals to win it. Yep, these are the experts.

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