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Predictions for the 2013 Houston Astros

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Houston Astros predictions for 2013

Houston Astros
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Many people have been doing predictions for the Houston Astros and for good reason. The Astros will be enduring their inaugural season in the American League. It won’t be easy for the former cellar of the National League Central. I have seen some pretty outrageous predictions for the Astros. Obviously, no one is picking the Astros to surprise people this season. I’m not saying they should, but I think saying the Astros will lose anywhere from 105-115 games is ridiculous.

The Astros will play their first ever game in the American League on Sunday versus the Texas Rangers. No team has switched leagues since 1997 when the Milwaukee Brewers moved from the American League to the National League.

How will the Astros do this season? Fantastic question. They’ll be bad, but they’ll be better at the same time. How is that possible? Well, they’ll be better in the win column. Yes, I believe they will be better in a tougher division. It’s not a cake walk because I believe that the AL West could be the best division in all of baseball and could have three teams in the playoffs.

The Astros have lost 213 games over the past two seasons, and will be looking to flip the switch on their opponents to win a few more games this season. A lot of these predictions will need everything to go perfect for them to happen. Like I said, they won’t surprise anyone, but nonetheless, here are five bold predictions for the 2013 Astros.

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Lucas Harrell will win 15 games

Lucas Harrell Houston Astros
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Call me crazy, but I fully believe that Lucas Harrell will win 15 games this season. I have been saying this all spring, and I will continue to say it. In his rookie season, he won eleven games and posted a 3.76 ERA. Earlier in the Spring, Harrell said he put his bar at 15 wins last season, and after falling short, he said he is looking to improve on last season’s numbers. Of course every player is going to say that, but I truly feel like Harrell can do it.

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Chris Carter will have a breakout season

Chris Carter Houston Astros
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If you have been following baseball, you know what Chris Carter can. When the Astros acquired Carter, the 26 year old left fielder was looking to have a breakout season. All spring long, he has yet to prove that statement wrong. Everyone should know that Carter can hit the ball out of the park. Last season, he hit 16 home runs in 66 games. That puts his projected total at over 30 home runs throughout a 162 game season. Carter can also get on base, but so far this spring, he is also showing the ability to hit for average, not just for power. If he can put it all together this season, I believe he will have a breakout season in 2013. Who knows, the Astros may even change the Crawford Boxes to the Carter Boxes.

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Jason Castro will be an All Star

Jason Castro Houston Astros
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Jason Castro has been killing it the spring. So have many of the players in Houston, but that’s beside the point. If there is one person who can translate their spring numbers to the regular season it is Castro. Here is why. Castro is finally healthy. I have said this before, and I’ll say it again. His spring numbers are no fluke. Like I said, he is finally healthy, and he finally has his legs under him. Astros fans are finally seeing the Jason Castro that the team drafted. He looks like an All Star and I think he could be the Astros lone All Star representative.

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Carlos Pena will be traded before the deadline

Carlos Pena Houston Astros
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This may not come as a shock to most, but Carlos Pena will be traded by the deadline. He is a veteran left handed power bat and will be able to increase his value as a trade asset. The Astros won’t get much for the designated hitter, but they may be able to get something. I don’t think Pena will be a waste of money for the Astros, however, I am not sure how useful he’ll be. He has the chance to improve this season, but he may not. He is the biggest question mark for the Astros this season. He’ll provide the team with some much needed power, but he just doesn’t hit. That said, I think he’ll improve his value and will be traded before the trade deadline.

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The Houston Astros will not lose 100 games this season

Houston Astros
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This is on the same page of Harrell prediction. Call me crazy, but the Astros will NOT lose 100 games. I repeat, the Astros will NOT lose 100 games. There is just something inside me that tells me the Astros will be better this season than last season. The young pitching staff on the Astros is just much better than it was last season. Harrell and Bud Norris have the ability to win double digit games. Whether or not Brad Peacock can become a solid fourth starter for the Astros is the big equation in this prediction.

The hitters will strike out much more this season than last, but they will also walk much more, and hit a lot more home runs. I just don’t see how the Astros will lose 100 games this season. I may be crazy, maybe I should go get checked out, but I think the Astros will win 65 games this season, and lose 97. That is still a horrible record, but it is a big improvement from last season. The win-loss record doesn’t really show the Astros' improvements, but the win-loss in a tougher division definitely does.