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2013 MLB Preview: Minnesota Twins’ Predictions

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With the dawn of another baseball season upon us, it is time for every blogger’s favorite time of the year: prediction time. This is the time of the year where analysts and bloggers peer into their crystal ball and try to come up with the most accurate predictions they can so when the season is over, they can point back to their “bold” predictions and pat themselves on the back. Rarely do the preseason predictions ever work out exactly the way that analysts predict, but they do provide a good measuring stick for which to judge a team entering the season.

I have decided to make my own predictions for the Minnesota Twins entering 2013 both from a team and individual standpoint. First I will touch on my team predictions:


Record- 72-90

Finish in Division- fifth

The Twins play in one of the most underrated divisions in all of baseball and simply put, the other four teams are better than they are right now. Until the Twins can fix their problems with their pitching staff, they cannot expect to compete in the division. In addition, if the team cannot stay healthy, they cannot expect to contend for a playoff spot.

With that being said, if the pitching staff were to take care of itself or even surprise everyone and be surprisingly efficient, the Twins could surprise a few teams and win more games. If all the stars were to line up for 2013, I think the Twins could win 80-85 ballgames which would be a great accomplishment. However, judging by the way the spring has gone for the Twins, I wouldn’t count on the stars lining up in 2013.

For my individual predictions I believe the following will occur:


All-Star Representatives: Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer

-Mauer will hit .360 with 15 HR and 90 RBI

-Morneau will hit 30 HR with 120 RBI, but will not finish the season as a member of the Twins.

-Aaron Hicks will win American League Rookie of the Year

-Glen Perkins will save 40 games

-Mike Pelfrey will win 15 games


When analyzing the individual outcomes for 2013, I think the Twins have a lot of potential for great things from specific players. I think Mauer and Morneau will return to the M&M boys that Minnesotans have grown to love and each will have an all-star season. The rise in Morneau’s production must be taken with a grain of salt, however, as Morneau’s value may never be higher and the Twins will be able to get a good return of future prospects in return. As sad as it may be to see a fan favorite go, it is a part of the game and business of baseball.

In addition, I believe Hicks will burst on to the scene and have a tremendous rookie season which will culminate with the first Rookie of the Year award for a Twins player since Marty Cordova in 1995. In addition, I believe Perkins will nail down 40 saves compared to only five blown saves while Pelfrey will rebound from injury to win 15 games with a 3.80 ERA. While those predictions may be fairly unimpressive, they would constitute a major accomplishment for the Twins team of 2013.

It may be another transition year in 2013 as the Twins prepare for the next wave of talent to make its way to the big leagues. Fear not Twins’ fans, there is help on the way; unfortunately, it will take a little bit of time for the talent to reach the majors. All of the Twins’ best players are currently in the Double-A and Single-A level, so there is a lot of development yet to be accomplished before they are ready to produce every day at the majors.

As for 2013, enjoy the small things about the season like Mauer and Morneau returning to form and Hicks bursting on the scene as one of the brightest young ballplayers in all of baseball.


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