2013 MLB Preview: New York Mets Lineup Is Extremely Thin

Kim Klement – US PRESSWIRE

The New York Mets are in financial trouble despite playing in one of the biggest markets in sports.  As a result, they’ve slashed the payroll and let go of top talent.  In addition to losing players like Jose Reyes, the Mets have invested in the wrong players.  After building around the wrong players, such as Jason Bay and Johan Santana, and needing to cut payroll on top of it, the lineup has suffered.

This year’s lineup is as bad as it’s been in recent memory.  Beyond David Wright, the Mets have no recognizable talent to beef up a mediocre lineup.  The loss of one of the best shortstops in baseball leaves the team reeling.  The loss of financial stability in the franchise leaves the Mets without options.

Ike Davis is not ready to be a four hitter in the Major Leagues.  His numbers prove he needs more time to develop, and expecting Davis to protect Wright is silly to say the least.  Without protection, Wright could be in trouble.  With Marlon Byrd expected to bat fifth, the middle of the order is as thin as they come in baseball.

The Mets also lack a proven leadoff hitter, depth, and power.  David Wright is always fun to watch, but the Mets are not going to compete in the NL East with the lineup as they have it currently constructed.  It will be exciting to see what Wright can do in 2013, but beyond their All-Star third baseman, the Mets are hurting this year.

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